Refreshing my garden with Argos Home

This article is part of a paid collaboration with Argos Home and so constitutes an advert. All the products I have featured were chosen by me to showcase some of my favourite items from their SS19 outdoor collections.

With most of our focus being firmly on the interior of our house during our 4 year (and counting) renovation the garden has admittedly been somewhat neglected. When we moved in the garden had been left to turn into an absolute jungle with the hedges on both sides basically meeting in the middle to create some sort of mutant super hedge!

I remember when we moved, the day after I had given birth to Beatrice, looking out the window thinking “hey that’s most definitely not what it looked like when we last viewed”, thanks for that little parting present previous owners!

It took us months of cutting, pruning and trips to the local dump to get it vaguely resembling a ‘garden’ and then at that point we started the house renovation and conveniently forgot all about the garden, which became the builder’s dumping ground in any case. But since we now have the house looking a whole lot better than it did before we really wanted to make the outdoor spaces as enticing in time for summer! I liked the idea of having a nice entertaining space to invite friends over on summer evenings for a cheeky tipple rather than spending another summer having to apologise for the state of the garden!

We are lucky in that although our house is in quite a built-up area, well I mean its urban by rural Somerset standards, it has garden that wraps around the whole house, even behind the garage. Unfortunately this particular space had become a bit desolate, only really being used for the wheelie bins and the recycling boxes, despite it being the main view I see from the kitchen sink of an evening! A bit too industrial even by my standards! I therefore really wanted to make it look more attractive and also create an outdoor seating area which we could retreat to when the sunshine in the main south-facing garden became too much, like it did last summer! By the way I totally realise I have just jinxed the weather for the next decade saying that. Sorry chums!

It really doesn’t matter how big your garden is though, it’s about utilising the space you do have to create another living space for your family and friends to enjoy. It’s all about choosing the right furniture and accessories to create something that’s personal to your style and can entice you from the TV to enjoy some time outside to relax and reconnect with friends and family.

Argos Home has such an amazing variety of quality outdoor accessories and furniture which can help you create an outdoor living area which is a joy to use and entertain in. The new collections for SS19 are on-trend, stylish and importantly……affordable!

I wanted to replicate the Scandi vibe we have going on inside and so I chose this Sitges Aluminium sofa set for its clean lines and slight industrial feel. I also love the fact that the frame is made of aluminium making it much easier to care for than traditional wooden furniture sets. Basically I’m a bit of a lazy so and so!

The clean Scandi lines and tones of the Sitges Aluminium Sofa Set made it the obvious choice for me to echo my interior style outdoors.

To compliment this I chose some vibrant pink rainforest outdoor cushions and the contrasting Zebra global outdoor cushions to add some pops of colour and interest to the scene.

Outdoor cushions add an instant injection of colour and fun into any outdoor seating area. They are also really hard wearing and are easy to wipe clean.

Although I tend to opt for a paler more muted palette indoors I always feel that a few brightly coloured garden accessories on a sunny day makes it look a whole lot jollier and inviting as the bright sun can wash out paler accessories. Argos Home also has such a fabulous range of faux plants and so I couldn’t resist the Stockholm faux succulent in a cement style pot for on top of the table.

I’m a right old sucker for a good succulent! I just couldn’t resist this oh-so-real faux.

I finished off the look with the Global Floor Cushion to add some texture, and the large black lantern, as outdoor lighting is really important to create the right hygge ambience and obviously the La Hacienda Circo Chimenea, apart from being beautiful to look at, provides much needed heat when the sun disappears!

The Argos Home large black lantern is battery operated and adds a really cosy and warm glow.
I really love the shape and style of the La Hacienda Circo chimenea and that you scan store the logs you need for an evening in the handy log store underneath.

The whole makeover took just a few hours to complete and it was so satisfying seeing such an ugly and underutilised area of our garden transform into a cosy and inviting little chill-out haven. I’ve also realised that this area gets the morning sun and so I have enjoyed the odd al fresco coffee out here which has felt terribly continental and grown-up of me and has made me feel like I’m on holiday, which can never be a bad thing can it!?

I think it’s really important if you have a garden that needs a lot of work is to just tackle one small bit at a time otherwise it can become overwhelming. Focus on one area that you want to transform and do that. It will feel really satisfying quickly creating something out of nothing and gives you a designated zone to hang out in during the summer whilst you tackle the rest of it.

If you try and do it all at once you will find the summer is over and you haven’t had a chance to enjoy any of your hard work. Create a retreat, however small; to enjoy a hard earned drink at the end of a day spent working in the garden. Especially, if like us, you have kids which mean that at the weekend we only seem to achieve about 2 of the 20 jobs that need doing outside! But can we discuss who the heck invented weeds?!

I now blooming love this little area of our garden!

I hope you enjoy a lovely warm summer refreshing your own outdoor space, I now can’t wait for the beautifully balmy weather to arrive to really enjoy mine!

SUCH an improvement to my view from the kitchen sink!

Lucy x


This article is part of a paid collaboration with Argos Home and so constitutes an advert. All the products I have featured were chosen by me to showcase some of my favourite items from their SS19 outdoor collections.

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