I’m Lucy! No doubt most of you know me from my Instagram (@lucyjwhitehouse) so thanks for coming over to see what I’ve been up to recently!

A little about me………

I’m a 33 year old mum of 3 kids (5, 3, 6 months who drive me completely crazy but oh my goodness how they also make me smile), who (along with my husband Paul)  has been renovating a totally outdated and quite frankly revolting specimen of a house for the last 3 years into a family home that we can hopefully enjoy for a long time.

We were completely naive when we bought a house that needed absolutely everything done. We have laughed, cried and sweated (mainly at how expensive it has been) and are finally seeing some pretty awesome results. But my goodness its been some ride.

My style………..

I am not a lover of clutter or mess and so the clean lines and bright whites and greys of scandi interiors is where my passions and interests sit. I dabble with wallpaper and dark walls and love a good neon pop of colour.

My style has really evolved in the past 3 years, I used to be a total shabby chic addict. If I could chalk paint something duck egg blue, well then I probably did!

So what now………

Instagram…. the people I have built relationships with, an amazing community of like minded interior nuts has brought with it not only a great deal of pleasure and inspiration but also some amazing and completely unexpected opportunities to turn my hobby into something more. Recently I have started collaborating with interior and lifestyle brands that I love to create content for them and also to bring you some amazing products that you might never have come across.

My promise…….

I will always be completely honest on here, just like I am on Instagram. No bull, no pretence, just honesty and hopefully a few laughs. Where possible I will always give you an idea of what things cost us to do, what I would recommend and what I definitely wouldn’t!

And if  there is ever anything sponsored it will be clearly labelled as such but you also have my word that I would only ever work with brands that completely ‘fit’ with my style and where I already shop. Don’t worry I wont start randomly trying to start flogging you wrist watches or bamboo toothbrushes (yes they actually approached me!)


Sit back, have a read, have a nosy, comment, critique, get in touch, and hopefully be inspired.

Lucy xxx